Simplifying technologies

About us

ROC Smartech is a young company, part of the Netlogus group, formed by a group of friends that together have more than 80 years of experience in technology, acquired in Brazil, United Kingdom and Europe.

We use the most advanced technologies in the world both to create our own solutions and to help our customers plan, develop and execute digital expansion projects using the best platforms available on the market.

Hardware and Software Development

Our hardware engineering team is also a specialist in the physical solutions development (hardware) for various activities and applications. If you want to discuss your ideas with us please contact us. Our technical team will be happy to answer any questions.

Our brands

As of today, we have four own brands under development, fully created and developed by us and that will be soon available on all continents and in several countries. For more information about our brands click here.

Our greater good

Our team

Our development team is extremely qualified, with an average of 10 years in the area of software development and web applications for mobile and desktop.

Disruptive technology

We work with modern technologies and aim to always launch innovative services.

Building for everyone

We are a team that puts people first and we create useful services that actually help people in their day-to-day lives.

Making it easier

We like the challenge of creating solutions that solve a problem for people and for that reason we create personalized services.

Simplifying things

There is always an easier way of doing something, we work to simplify the lives of companies and people with their current routines.

Recognition of our employees

Talent recognition has always been the best path for success of any organization, regardless of physical or financial size.

ROC Smartech values our employees in a way that we believe is the most just.

We distribute 5% of the company’s total profit to employees in a totally equal and fair manner, unlike many companies, linking a percentage of the earnings to the salary each and every one of us.

The amount is divided by everyone, according to the fulfillment of individual and collective objectives.