Technology for people

Complete business management systems

With over 25 years of experience in creating and developing business management systems, we have created our own solution called SGC.

Our goal is to simplify and minimize all costs related to technology maintenance to guarantee the continuity of the basic operations of companies of various sizes.

Using our own SGC platform, we adapt the entire software structure to meet your specific needs, thus delivering 100% tailored software for your business and your customers.

To facilitate development and deployment, our technology is divided into modules that can be adjusted or modified completely independently. Our main modules are:

Our modules

  • Module 1 – Commercial/financial management system
  • Module 2 – Accounting system
  • Module 3 – Payment system
  • Module 4 – E-commerce platform
  • Module 5 – Goods delivery network
  • Module 6 – Outsourcing of physical inventory management
  • Module 7 – CRM Customer management system

We change, adjust and integrate any of our modules to best suit your company’s needs.

E-commerce platform

We developed our own fully flexible E-commerce tool, ready for integration with the most used CRM technologies on the market.

We can easily implement and integrate our E-commerce platform with your website, inserting your face and your brand into a robust, complete platform that will serve both your customers and suppliers.

Another feature of our E-commerce solution is that it is extremely user-friendly and simple for its users. Our responsive platform presents its products and services in both desktop and mobile web versions.

CRM and customer management

Our CRM solution has two main aspects:
  • Management of Customers and communication preferences.
  • Product and inventory registration management.

Our CRM solution is tailor-made for your needs and will help your business to personalize the service to your customers, registering all products and services sold, all communications made via SMS, e-mail or phone.

You can also register and manage all products and services in an extremely quick and easy way, without the need for long and complex training for your employees.

Big Data and Analytics

Big Data is the gold mine for any online business. Collect, organize and qualify the vast amount of data available today captured by several different sources such as web, mobile, tablets or terminals located in public places.

With our support and strategy, we will provide a complete platform for your company to collect and analyze customer and visitor data.

Through this analysis, we can segment customers and create specific campaigns designed for each group, thus obtaining maximum return.

We can, through our experience with Big Data, create a completely different way of generating revenue just using easily accessible data.

Application development for mobile devices

We create and develop applications using different technologies and for different purposes. Be it native, hybrid or responsive applications.